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Mutsy Nexo Review

According to the brand, the Nexo's main selling point is that it "offers the luxury of an adjustable pushchair with the convenience and compactness of a buggy". The Nexo tries to own its very own niche: It's not about being super compact or ultra-light such as the popular Babyzen Yoyo
It tries to be something in between - promising the versatility and comfort for newborn to toddler, with the small weight and ease of a more small-scale buggy. Indeed, I found that its clever design really does make is extremely flexible, in a relatively compact package.
What I liked about the Mutsy Nexo is that it is relatively compact, but feels sturdy and robust. It is solid, with no give in the chassis - the frame's tubes are actually quite substantial. It's not as dainty as some other - more lightweight - buggies such as the Babyzen Yoyo
The Nexo folds into a nice compact package of 65cm x 51cm x 43cm. The fold is very intuitive - it basically folds in on itself like a concertina - and feels very neat when folded down. If you're very tight for space, it's worth removing the wheels to make it even smaller, but it fits into our boot no problem with wheels still attached - with plenty of room for additional luggage.